Posted by: SOE | December 11, 2009

December Update Preview, Pt. 2

The Free Realms development team is finishing up the final touches on an update with a metric ton of new content, improvements and features for Free Realms, so I wanted to take a few minutes to chat about the things I think are most exciting, both for new players and for our loyal fans. You’ve been waiting patiently for this update, and it’s almost time! Here are a few new facts and figures to whet your appetite.


Snow Days is coming to Free Realms! Come play in the snow and tag your little sister (or big brother) with a snowball!  Celebrate the Holidays by wearing a Snow Globe Hat, and ring in the new year with special 2010 glasses. There are more than 30 other holiday items that will also be available!  And, get into the spirit- adorn your house with all new holiday decorations!

A decorated Snowhill and special holiday outfit were featured the very first time we ever showed a live build of Free Realms, and we’ve been looking forward to the winter holidays ever since!

Also, if you liked the Witch, Rag Doll, Mummy and Frankenstein costumes from Halloween, you’ll LOVE the costumes we created for the winter holidays!


Everyone gets a free apartment, and Members get a free apartment AND a free house!  You can buy lots of fun house items, including a dance floor and a head shrinking cauldron! You can build all sorts of fun shapes and structures with building blocks, like a stairway.  Walk up those stairs you built and put chickens on your roof!


Soon you can have a white dragon, a pink spotted unicorn, and a black pony for pets.  Dinasaurs are available too…we thought the original T-Rex looked a little too… friendly, so he’s toughened up!

And, YES, it’s true… even dinosaurs and unicorns poop…although we added a bit of Free Realms flair to those animations… J


The new combat system has over-the-top attacks and super attacks!

All the weapons in the game will auto-magically be replaced with even better, cooler versions that include different special attacks and abilities for each weapon.  All of the battles in Free Realms were revised for the new combat system, to be full of monsters, frantic and fun!


After December update goes live, the most powerful items in the game can only be earned by playing minigames!  And, when you start a minigame, you’ll be able to see up-front what you can win playing it!

The new Coin Shop has tons of things to buy, including clothes, weapons, and even items for your house! Many items you purchase for Station Cash or coins let you customize the color at the time of purchase!


Starting with the combat jobs, every job has its own special run and jump… including the way you jump on the new launch pads!

We’ve also done a lot of work on the game UI (user interface), which we’re showing for the first time in this blog! The new UI includes MORE OPTIONS to customize the game the way you want to play!

In the new fishing minigame, you can catch a Baconfish, or the even more elusive Plattypus!

The December update isn’t just new content—it fixes many bugs too!

These features just scratch the surface of all of the great content, fixes, items, and features in the big December update. Keep watching the news… the update is just around the corner!

Laralyn McWilliams

Creative Director


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